How to Find the Time to Run Your Real Estate Blog

It was a sunny Tuesday morning at the park, the time and place that John had blocked out every week on his calendar so that he could write articles for his real estate blog.

This is one of his favorite times of the week. It’s when he can just sit and type out his thoughts, writing down the solutions that give his potential customers value.

He doesn’t have to worry about the other tedious and time-consuming activities that go into running a blog, while still bringing in qualified leads without the costly “help” from and

Proofreading, formatting, and scheduling?

That’s not his style.

Keyword research, staring endlessly at a blinking cursor, spending hours trying to get WordPress to do what you want?


He’d much rather spend the time working on his business and getting things done.


A Bloggers Dream

Though writing for his blog is stress-less now, it hasn’t always been like that.

When John first started his blog he didn’t know how much time it would take up. He had always thought that blogging was just about getting ideas down on paper and organizing them in a way that would make sense to his readers.

Here was his plan:

The blog would be the center of his content marketing solar system, he would publish a post and then push it through to all of his social media outlets including his Facebook page, Instagram accounts, and Twitter.

He would then re-purpose the blog post content by taking snippets from it and scheduling more social media posts in a social media management platform such as HootSuite or Buffer.

They would automatically post throughout the week and he wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

No more worrying about thinking of posts again. A week’s worth of content for social media – all from just one blog post.

Readers would then follow the link in the social media post back to his blog, where they would find out more about him and his real estate knowledge.

They would learn to trust him and go to him for more information, and when they were ready to purchase or sell a home – they would go straight to him.

It was going to be a complete system for managing his social media presence and online lead generation, and everything would flow back to a central point of focus where he controlled it all – his blog.

It would take at most a couple of hours per week, his readers would then get to know him as an expert, and later go to him when they decided to buy or sell a home.

He knew he could take advantage of multiple lead funnels:

Qualified leads from social media

  • Blogging -> Promotion of posts on social media -> more visitors on his website = Qualified Leads

Qualified leads from blog post readers:

  • Blogging -> Informational post targeted towards consumers buying/selling homes -> readers keep coming back to find out more -> customer enters the market and thinks of him first = Qualified Lead

Qualified leads from higher search engine ranking:

  • Blogging -> Promotion of posts on social media + Google attention -> higher SEO ranking for his website and name = Qualified Leads

He liked the thought of this and decided to start his blog the following weekend.

He set aside one full day to research everything that he needed to do to make his blog successful.

That’s when he hit the wall.

A tidal wave of information rocked the peaceful shores of his “couple of hours a week” vision.

It was going to be more like a part-time job that required him to wear multiple hats on a daily basis.

He found that while writing the first draft of a post was easy, you have to edit it and format it correctly as well.

He hated re-reading his own words over and over again, and it took more than twice as long to edit than write, but he managed.

And even then there are still a million things that you have to do to craft the perfect post.

  • Fact checking
  • Proofreading for mistakes
  • Scheduling the post at the right time
  • Searching for the perfect post title image
  • Finding legal images to use within the blog post
  • Adding relevant links for blog structure and credibility.
  • Creating a keyword rich title that entices readers to click
  • Conducting keyword research to select the right keywords
  • Creating a meta description for search engine optimization
  • Adding picture alternative text for visually impaired people and SEO robots
  • Cross-promoting the post on social media with the correct format and at the right time depending on your strategy
  • Formatting the post so that it included the right amount of sub-headings, transition sentences, and paragraph spacings for readability

If you want to take a look at the services I provide, go here.

And then, of course, there are other blog management activities such as:

  • Updating plugins
  • Updating WordPress
  • Website maintenance
  • Deleting spam comments
  • Creating sharable info-graphics
  • Setting up email subscribe captures
  • Setting up email campaigns and newsletters
  • Analyzing blog traffic to focus promotion efforts
  • Branding your blog images and posts with the right colors and font
  • Planning blog posts on a monthly basis according to consumer trends

The list goes on and on and on…

Oh, and don’t forget you still have a business to run.

Blogging can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be

For a while, John managed to do it all on his own. He knew that running his business without a blog would be a like a Giant Blackhole in his marketing strategy, but he had trouble keeping up with his client’s needs, let alone spending time with his family and doing what he loves to do.

Life was a struggle.

He had no idea how other real estate agents managed to focus on their business while also having the time to post high-quality content on a frequent basis.

Then he realized that many of them didn’t do it all on their own and that he didn’t have to either.

He decided to get some help.

He invested in a content marketing freelance manager and it gave him the freedom to focus on his business AND have more free time to enjoy life.

Whether you’re new to the blogging world or are an experienced blogger looking for more advanced solutions, you can benefit from my services.

I’ll take care of the tedious and repetitive activities, and you focus on what you do best:

Running your business and providing value to your customers

My name is Austin, and it’s my goal to make the blogging process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible so that you can get the qualified leads you’ve been looking for.

So what exactly can I do for you?

Continue here to find out.