Discover effortless blogging. Picture this: typing up the first draft of an article and not having to deal with the rest. Blog posts that are carefully proofread and formatted in a way that keeps your readers engaged. Social media posts that are crafted specifically for each profile to promote your blog.

Here’s what you won’t have to do:

  • Proofreading
  • Image sourcing
  • Updating WordPress
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Social media scheduling
  • Blog content scheduling
  • Hootsuite account set-up
  • Manage an editorial calendar
  • Format content for WordPress
  • Editorial calendar management
  • Manage keyword spreadsheets
  • Formatting content for WordPress
  • Manage link-building spreadsheets
  • Add important SEO data to blog posts
  • Maintain and update WordPress Plugins
  • Manually promote your content on social media
  • Reporting for blog traffic and social media metrics
  • Regularly evaluate and update your content marketing strategy
  • Proofread your work over and over again for spelling and grammar mistakes

Investing in some assistance can make the process less stressful and more productive. Many new bloggers hire help as a form of motivational insurance: I’ll push you to create weekly content so that you stay relevant and generate more leads.

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 Having a content marketing strategy in place can focus your lead generation efforts. Many bloggers post about what’s interesting or relevant to them, and that’s okay, but it often leads to large gaps in blog content.  A content marketing strategy puts the informational needs of your consumers first.

Large gaps = missing out on potential leads.

It plans ahead for what your readers want to know most so that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for. This will bring in more website visitors and leads. You’ll also be confident that you’re spending time creating the right content.

This is something that even large businesses fail at. It’s a complicated and thought-provoking process, but in order to get optimal results, it needs to be done.

Once you create a strategy you can use it to plan for three to six months worth of content – and never struggle thinking of blog post ideas again.

My mission here is simple…

Work with real estate agents and improve their content marketing techniques so that they don’t have to depend on websites like and for their lead generation needs.

There’s a way to personally acquire and nurture your own leads online, using your real estate knowledge and expertise, without learning an entirely new job.

The three main benefits of a content marketing strategy:

  • You will have a foolproof plan for attracting more leads
  • You can plan blog content for the next three to six months or more
  • You will be able to post relevant content that gives you a chance to rank in Google

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My services are perfect for you if:

  • You are a real estate agent looking to improve your content marketing strategy
  • You want someone who genuinely wants to help you and your business
  • You want to build up your websites SEO rating to rank higher on Google
  • You are just starting out but can’t find the time to post on a frequent basis
  • You put a lot of effort into your business and are serious about what you do
  • You want to focus more on your business and save time working on your blog
  • You need more time to invest in personal development and spending time with family
  • You value the relationship between you and your readers would never want someone else to write your posts

This might not work out if:

  • You are looking for someone to ghost-write posts for you
  • You are not looking to produce high-quality blog post content
  • You are not willing to invest the time to write content that will help others

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